Donald Trump’s IQ Is Below 100

by Wayne Adkins

Donald Trump’s IQ is below 100. I know many will disagree with my estimate. I will give reasons for the estimate here. Yes, it is only an estimate because he would never take a formal IQ test and release the results. He won’t even release transcripts or school records or anything that would denote any kind of academic achievement. Yes, I know that he challenged London Mayor Sadiq Kahn to an IQ test, but it turned out to be nothing but bluster. He might actually want to take an IQ test, but his handlers would never allow it. They know he has all of the intellectual prowess of a slow eighth-grader. They will tell him that the tests are inaccurate, that it’s a waste of his time, that his accomplishments speak for themselves, anything they have to say to prevent exposing his flaccid intellect.

Now some have estimated an IQ as high as 156 based on Trump’s enrollment at Wharton Business School. But there are a number of things wrong with this notion. Trump did not have to meet the rigorous admission standards as he transferred in from the University of Pennsylvania needing only to meet the more lax transfer requirements. He also didn’t attend their storied MBA program. He got a BS in economics and anthropology. So does having a degree from a certain school prove high intelligence? You tell me, did every college athlete who ever got accepted to an ivy league school turn out to be a genius? No. The answer is no. Sometimes people get accepted because of what they can do for the school, not because they are smart. Some would argue that regardless of how he got in, whether through influence or merit, his education would have made him even smarter. Nope. Have you seen how many times this grown, allegedly well educated man has misspelled words on Twitter? Google it. He doesn’t possess the literacy of a well educated 70 year old. He spells and handles grammar the way a stupid, careless person does. If you have enough money you may be able to take your Honda to get serviced at the Lamborghini dealer, but you will still have a Honda. Getting the oil changed at a Lamborghini dealer doesn’t make your Honda faster or more exotic. It just means that you overpaid for an oil change. Likewise, getting your idiot kid into a great school won’t make them smarter, they may still end up a half illiterate joke of a man who can’t distinguish legitimate reporting from alt-right clickbait. If you believe that Donald Trump getting into a good school proves that he is smart, then you must also believe that Donald Trump marrying a model proves that he is super sexy.

Others have proposed that only a genius could have achieved the financial success that Donald Trump has enjoyed. It’s one of Trump’s routine claims. This one is more about the people who propose it than Trump. Financially successful people don’t want to concede that their success may have been due in part to fortuitous circumstances or privilege. People who have struggled their whole lives without achieving great financial success don’t want to concede that they don’t work hard enough or make the right choices. Everybody wants to be rich, right? So if you aren’t rich it must be because you haven’t figured out how to get rich, in other words, you are not as smart as Trump. Well, there are a lot of people who are rich for a lot of reasons other than intelligence. Trump himself would be richer today if he had taken the millions his father gave him and invested in index funds. But this alleged genius went bankrupt running casinos, a “business” where the odds always favor the house. Genius? Here’s the deal; there are a lot of people out there with great business ideas who need investors to make it work. If you have money, the kind of money Trump got from his father, people will pitch you great ideas all day long. You don’t have to be an innovative or visionary thinker. You just need to have money to invest and smart people with great ideas in need of funding will seek you out. Then just discern which opportunities are good investments and which are not. How did Trump do? Well there are the six bankruptcies, Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump Casinos, Trump University…..failure after failure. As I said before, he would have more money today if he had stuck it all in an index fund and kept his poor decision making out of it altogether. So much for money = IQ points.

“Trump won the election! He must be a genius strategizer!” Nope. Listen, if little Donnie Trump were running for student body president at his elementary school and he promises pizza every day for lunch, he’s going to influence some ignorant children to vote for him. Now if little Donnie wins does that make him a genius who knew how to appeal to the electorate and knew how to manipulate the system? Some of you seem to think so. But the more likely scenario is that little Donnie has no idea that the student body president doesn’t set the lunch menu, that there are contractors and suppliers involved, that there are  school lunch nutritional guidelines which must be met etc. Little Donnie’s promise was made out of ignorance, not genius. Those kids who elected little Donnie are in for some disappointment. Likewise, those who think that Mexico is going to pay for a border wall better get ready to pony up because if a wall is built, it will be built with their taxes.

Some people learn a few guitar chords and think they are accomplished guitarists. To those who aren’t musicians they may be able to pass as good guitarists. Even to themselves, because they have mastered the few things they know, they may appear to be great guitarists. But better guitarists can spot them immediately. He doesn’t know music theory, can’t play barre chords, knows nothing about harmonics or pentatonics. In other words, the guy who doesn’t know these things about guitars may not even know that these things exist to know. But a seasoned professional can tell in minutes that this guy doesn’t know much about guitar playing. There are many indicators of Trump’s low intelligence; his limited vocabulary, his spelling, his simplistic answers, his short temper, his bullying, his misunderstanding of science and technology, his inability to control his most base impulses, his casual relationship with the truth etc. Donald Trump, like that amatuer guitar player, overestimates his own abilities and is blind to his intellectual deficiencies. It’s what is known as the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Full disclosure: because I know the ad hominem attacks will come from the “We’re getting pizza” crowd, I took two IQ tests administered by Mensa at the University of Cincinnati and gained admission to Mensa with a score of 138. It doesn’t make me a genius or an expert, but I’ve been around a lot of intelligent people and I can recognize the differences between them and Donald J. Trump.

UPDATE: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson agrees, Donald Trump is a “fucking moron.” Tennessee Senator Bob Corker has questioned his competence and claims many in the Senate agree. Despite all of his promises to the “we’re getting pizza” crowd he has delivered on none of his major initiatives and has managed to alienate members of his own party and allies around the world. Many of the “best people” he put in place are gone just months into his administration and a special counsel and both houses are investigating him and his campaign for collusion with Russia. Genius? No, just a run-of-the-mill moron.

UPDATE 2: Oracle CEO Safra Catz — who was on the executive committee of Trump’s presidential transition team — reportedly said McMaster called the president a “dope” and an “idiot” who has the intelligence of a “kindergartner” during a dinner with Catz on July 18 dinner at Washington, DC, restaurant Tosca.